Chhun Hong Group of Companies is a reliable and trustworthy business partner in Cambodia.


"We provide genuine and cost effective service delivery through high quality outputs and build long term strategic business relation that contributes to the sustainable development of Cambodia."


"Business partners and customers satisfied with service provided by Chhun Hong Group of Companies."


Our mission is to provide safe, economical, and appropriate transportation for the organizations in cambodia and the world to perform their official duties. To fulfill this mission, Transportation Services has established the following goals:

  • Acquire the type and number of vehicles necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the faculty and staff to perform their duties.
  • Rent the vehicles to qualified departments on either short or long term arrangements, whichever is most appropriate and economical, for their requirements.
  • Manage the fleet in a manner that insures the lowest possible operational cost while maintaining consistently high mechanical reliability.
  • Organize a staff and maintain a facility which provides superior service, repair, reservation and dispatch, and administrative support to our customers.
  • Insure that the service continues as a financially secure and self-supporting operation as it strives to achieve non-profit or break-even status.
  • Maintain, repair, and dispose of the vehicles in a manner that brings the highest possible return on money spent.
  • Establish policies and procedures that reflect the best way to operate the fleet with the customer in mind.
  • Think independently and competitively to obtain the best ratio of dollars spent to miles driven
  • Provide the new technologies to support our customers in ICT development.
  • Support Royal Government of cambodia by developing agriculture to reduce poverty in cambodia and the world.

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