CHHUN HONG GROUP has invested on rubber plant with concession land (8,686 Hectometer)   since April, 2010 from the Royal Government of Cambodia, which located at Khum Chroy Banteay, Khum Vattanak, and Khum Kampoung Chamm Srok Sambo & Srok Prek Prosob, Kratie province as the rectangle policies of the RGC and trend to increase economics development in this province. Otherwise this location has advantaged for the investment of the rubber plant and especially, to provide the needs of the market today. Base on this condition, Chhun Hong Group have admitted to invest and to support the government to reduce the poverty and increase economic in this area.

Goal and Objectives of the Investment
  • increasing rubber plant productive on the illegal deforestation.
  • Incorporate with the government in order to increase the rural development, Increasing benefit and to reduce the poverty from the people who’ve lived in the concession land’s zone.
  • Pushing the development of rubber to provide markets need for the domestic and International.

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